Makenzie and Nick :: Special Day

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Makenzie and Nick are one of the couples I got to know this year that I can tell we will keep our relationship for many years. After our many conversations, it’s easy to see that they are just so amazing and so are their families. They all made me feel so welcome during the wedding day and it was such a beautiful and special day. They are both very genuine people and loving.

I believe you can tell usually how amazing people are by the people that are around you and all the people that were at the reception seemed to be so nice, and that was so fun to watch and be part of. Lots of laughs, good chats, people catching up, and yummy treats. They played some fun couples games so everyone got to know more about the couple and some of their good friends as well. Soon after the party, they left to go on their honeymoon to one of my favorite places on earth–Italy! I can’t wait to hear what they thought.

I am excited because I am still going to work with them again to take their formal pictures. We are going to wait until spring and all the beautiful trees start blooming.  So you will see this beautiful couple again here in the future. But for now, congratulations to both of you! I am so happy I got to be part of this beautiful couple’s journey and special day!


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