Helen :: Citizenship Ceremony

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Helen is a dear friend of mine from back home. When she came to the United States for the first time, she stayed with us and we did tourist things thinking this was her one trip to Utah. Who knew that five years later she would be married to a great guy, living in Utah, and getting her American citizenship? None of us would have guessed, but we are sure proud of her and all she has accomplished.

Helen truly embodies the American Dream. She is dedicated in everything that she does. She means what she says and she commits to things with all her heart. She is a dreamer and is not afraid of hard work. She has done so much and worked very hard to make those dreams a reality. And most importantly, she is kind. She loves to make people happy and help others achieve their dreams, just like she is reaching hers.

Congratulations, Helen! The United States is lucky to have you!

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