Gines Family :: Growing Up Fast

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I think one of the joys of a photographer is getting to work with the same clients over and again, and I love to work and hang out with the Gines family. They are pretty much family to me. Taty and I grew up together and it’s just so great to see her and her happy family. Every time we do a shoot I get to see how beautiful and smart her kids are becoming.

They are the sweetest kids. I love the every time we take pictures, the kids come to me hold my hand and say how much they like to take pictures and. They ask me about my dogs and talk about their school and friends and other things that are are interesting to them.

The Gines family has a very special place in my heart and I love that I get to work with them pretty much every year, although seeing how big their kids are already is starting to remind me of how old I am getting!

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