Derek + Stephanie :: Just A Little Tinder

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During my photography career, I have had a few Tinder weddings, but never has the word “tinder” meant more than with Derek and Stephanie’s love story. These two worshipped in the same church congregation for almost a year, and neither will deny they didn’t notice the other. But being as shy as they both are, they just hadn’t connected.

Luckily, a friend convinced Stephanie to give Tinder another chance and Derek’s profile popped up. She eagerly swiped right and they matched. The spark was there immediately…all they needed was a little tinder to get the fire going! It only took a month to make it official, and the year to follow has been a dream.

Stephanie wanted to show Derek her hometown, so they went up to Seattle an on adventure. They decided to explore Olympic National Park and found an amazing secluded cove. After admiring the lake and the gorgeous scenery, Derek dropped to one knee, told Stephanie how he felt about her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She cried, they kissed, and of course, she said yes.


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