Abbie & Tyson :: Mom and Son

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Abbie and Tyson are two natural models. I was very impressed, especially with Tyson. He was great at posing. I even asked if he had any modeling experience, and they told me he didn’t. He just learned from his mom’s direction from taking pictures since he was little. He likes to have his pictures taken, and they did mention some agencies have showed interest in him, so who knows, maybe we will see this handsome guy on billboards someday!

These two are so loving and have a great mom and son connection that is very beautiful to watch. I really had a good time taking their pictures and getting to know them more, even with the cold wind we had to deal with during our shoot. Sometimes it seems like I just don’t have good luck with weather on the days that I shoot, but we always make it work and have a great time. I can’t wait to go back next year when it’s not too cold and have even more fun with my current and new clients.

Abbie and Tyson it was a pleasure working with you two!

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